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  1. , my little library of math types for 3D canvas libraries is not so little any more
  2. , if you use GTK+ on Windows or MacOS X, and you want to use GL, please help the GTK+ team out
  3. , software development, free software, and design should not be at odds with each other
  4. , GTK is getting OpenGL support out of the box
  5. , using GDK with threads is never a good idea
  6. , I put the notes of the GSK talk I gave at GUADEC 2014 online; I believe there should be a video coming soon as well. the notes are available on this very website.
  7. , I’ve finally restored my personal web server after the WordPress installation(s) I had there got hacked last year, and I decided to migrate this blog there. if you do not read this blog via Planet GNOME, but you use the syndacation feed, you should subscribe to this feed …
  8. , like many fellow GNOME developers I will be in Strasbourg for GUADEC 2014. on Monday morning, I will give a talk on the GTK+ Scene Graph Tool Kit, or GSK for short, but you should make sure to attend the many interesting talks that we have planned for you this …

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