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  1. , In which I explain how to implement reference counting with new GLib ≥ 2.58
  2. , In which I explain how to use paths and pkg-config variables
  3. , In which I recap the Recipes hackfest held in Yogyakarta
  4. , In which I make a public service announcement about the small utilities provided by GLib
  5. , In which I report my activities at GUADEC 2017
  6. , In which application development and packaging are discussed, vis-a-vis old and new practices
  7. , in which more components gets ported to Meson
  8. , In which I look at the state of Vala and hope for some introspection to happen
  9. , In which I recount the process of moving libepoxy to Meson and becoming its maintainer
  10. , In which a wild editor of constraints appears inside Emeus

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