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Emmanuele Bassi.

geek, husband, lover, software developer, londoner.

not necessarily in that order.

I’m currently working at Endless as a senior software engineer. I used to work at Intel in the open source technology center, on the Moblin/MeeGo netbook user experience team, where I worked on successful pieces of technology such as the status panel and the pasteboard panel; and in the visualization team, where I worked on developing and maintaining Clutter, a free software library for creating fast, dynamic, and portable user interfaces. before that, I used to work at OpenedHand, where I worked on projects like the Nokia N series internet tablets.

I am a GNOME contributor in the core platform libraries, working on GLib, GTK+, and Clutter. I also held the position of director of the Board of the GNOME Foundation for three years.

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