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  1. , In which I outline what comes next in the developers documentation of the GNOME platform
  2. , In which I introduce a new GObject feature
  3. , In which I report about the status of gi-docgen
  4. , In which I talk about a new tool to generate the API reference for GTK
  5. , In which we talk about derivable types that are not GObject
  6. , In which I announce a new release of Graphene
  7. , In which I announce that Graphene moved to a new testing API
  8. , In which I talk about test reports with GitLab CI
  9. , In which I present a small testing framework for C code
  10. , A side episode! Building GNOME is complicated; releasing GNOME is even worse. We’re going to see what tools GNOME developers used to build GNOME 2.

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