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  1. , The GNOME project is announced! We’re going to see what the Linux world looked like, and why the GNOME project was started; what was available at the time, for Unix and Linux users, and the beginning of complex desktop environments on Linux, ending on the first few months of the project
  2. , GNOME is made by people, and people make history: complicated, recurring, funny, sad, and everything in between; this is my attempt at compiling an history of the GNOME project to provide a better context not just of past decisions, but also of its future directions
  3. , Episode 0: Prologue What Why Who How Chapter 1: Perfection, achieved Episode 1.1: The GNU Network Object Model Environment Linux and Unix X11, and the desktop landscape KDE and the Qt licensing GNU Image Manipulation Program GTK Guile and language bindings Network Object Model Episode 1.2: Desktop Wars …
  4. , In which I explain how to implement reference counting with new GLib ≥ 2.58
  5. , In which I explain how to use paths and pkg-config variables
  6. , In which I recap the Recipes hackfest held in Yogyakarta
  7. , In which I make a public service announcement about the small utilities provided by GLib
  8. , In which I report my activities at GUADEC 2017
  9. , In which application development and packaging are discussed, vis-a-vis old and new practices
  10. , in which more components gets ported to Meson

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