halting problem :: Cambridge GNOME DX Hackfest / Day 1

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we’re here in sunny (and cold) Cambridge, in the offices kindly sponsored by Collabora.

attendees arrived on Sunday, and various discussions already started on the performance of the GLib slice allocator; GNOME Builder; and improvements of GTK+.

the evening continued at a local curry house, and ended with a pint at the pub — thus giving everyone the full English experience.

this morning is starting a bit slowly — evidently, the jet lag is hitting everyone really hard — but we’ll surely kick it up a notch as soon as a proper amount of caffeine enters our bodies.

I’m going to be working on a bunch of things, this week:

  • incorporating feedback from users of the OpenGL support in GDK
  • GSK, the GTK scene graph API
  • performance improvements in GLib/GObject

and I’ll also keep an eye on what GNOME Builder needs from GTK to improve the user experience.

I’d like to thank Collabora for giving us access to their office and their coffee machine, and to the GNOME Foundation to sponsor various attendees.

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