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this is a request for help.

GTK+ 3.16 will have OpenGL support out of the box.

at least, it will have it on X11 and Wayland.

if you are using (or you plan to use) GTK+ 3.x on Windows or MacOS X, and you know how to use OpenGL on those two platforms, please consider helping out the GTK+ developers by implementing the GdkGLContext API using WGL and AppleGL.

we’d really like to get all backends working out of the box when we release GTK+ 3.16.0, next year.

testing and feedback is also very much appreciated.

in the meantime, I’m doing some much needed spring cleaning in the GtkGLExt and GtkGLArea products on Bugzilla.

Update: thanks to Brion Vibber, there’s already a preliminary patch for implementing GdkGLContext on MacOS X. now it’s up to the Windows developers to step up their game. :-)

Update: Fan Chun-wei is looking into Windows support, so we should have a patchset for it soon!

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