halting problem :: DBus Perl Bindings

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I’m the process of writing the Perl bindings for DBus, <ad-campaign-mode>the New! And! Improved! IPC mechanism, which is spreading throughout the entire Linux desktop scene</ad-campaign-mode>.

Since I’m binding the GLib interface, the choosen namespace is DBus::Glib; I also plan to add the low-level stuff inside the DBus namespace.

I’ve used the gtk2-perl code generation environment, in order to strip down the development time, but since it requires the Gtk2 perl module (and, thus, the gtk+-2.0 library), I was planning to re-create some stuff by hand.

The DBus perl bindings, aside for the general usefulness of having a complete binding set for DBus, are what I plan to use in order to “understand” DBus - since I’ll use it for another project. What’s that project about, I’ll leave it for another post.

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