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Deadline is a simple application, written in Perl using the Gtk Perl bindings, that manages deadlines, that is tasks with a definite due time.

It stays in the notification area and shows an icon depending on the state of the deadlines.


In order to install Deadline you must have the following libraries installed on your system:

  • libgtk+ >= 2.6.0
  • libgnome >= 2.6.0

You’ll also need these Perl modules:

  • Gtk2 >= 1.080
  • Gnome2 >= 1.020
  • Gnome2::VFS >= 1.020
  • Gnome2::GConf >= 1.000
  • Gtk2::TrayIcon
  • Date::Parse
  • Date::Format
  • XML::LibXML

Download the Deadline package, and explode the tarball in a directory of choice; then, run the configure script in order to build Deadline on your system:

$ tar xfvz gnome-deadline-0.2.tar.gz
$ cd gnome-deadline-0.2
$ ./configure

If any error occurs in this phase, check the configure log and correct it (typically, by installing missing packages).

Now, run make to build and install Deadline:

$ make
$ make install

Note: you might need superuser’s access in order to install Deadline on a system-wide location.


You should find the Deadline launcher into the Applications menu; if not, launch Deadline using the command line:

$ gnome-deadline

A new icon should appear in the notification area.

Click on the icon using the right mouse button, and select an item from the menu.



Report bugs, bad behaviours or anything else to me at ebassi (at) gmail.com

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