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  1. , A side episode! Early applications in the GNOME 1.x era
  2. , A side episode! Language bindings in the early GNOME era take the front stage
  3. , A side episode! We’re going to take a look to GTK in its first major API cycle
  4. , GNOME 1.4 gets released, and development work for GNOME 2 being in earnest; but things come crashing down once the Dot com bubble bursts, and GNOME loses an ally
  5. , Exciting times for the GNOME project. The first GUADEC is held in Paris! The Foundation gets founded! Plus: CVS and Bugzilla!
  6. , New companies form around GNOME! Ximian and Eazel work on making GNOME useful for corporate environments and casual users, and start shaping the technology stack with components for applications to use and reuse.
  7. , The desktop wars begin, and competitions heats up. We’re going to see the initial reaction to KDE’s licensing woes in the larger Linux ecosystem, and how that played into GNOME’s adoption. Plus: Red Hat enters the fray, and creates the Red Hat Advanced Development laboratories, and GNOME releases version 1.0
  8. , In which I announce my podcast on the history of the GNOME project
  9. , The GNOME project is announced! We’re going to see what the Linux world looked like, and why the GNOME project was started; what was available at the time, for Unix and Linux users, and the beginning of complex desktop environments on Linux, ending on the first few months of the project
  10. , GNOME is made by people, and people make history: complicated, recurring, funny, sad, and everything in between; this is my attempt at compiling an history of the GNOME project to provide a better context not just of past decisions, but also of its future directions

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