halting problem :: Who wrote GTK+ and more

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I’ve just posted on the GTK+ development blog the latest article in the “who writes GTK+” series. Now that we have a proper development blog, this is the kind of content that should be present there instead of my personal blog.

If you’re not following the GTK+ development blog, you really should do so now. Additionally, you should follow @GTKToolkit on Twitter and, if you’re into niche social platforms, a kernel developer, or a Linus groupie, there’s the GTK+ page on Google Plus.

Additionally, if you’re contributing to GTK+, or using it, you should consider writing an article for the developers blog; just contact me on IRC (I’m ebassi on irc.gnome.org) or send me an email if you have an idea about something you worked on, a new feature, some new API, or the internals of the platform.

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